Anike Tourse – Marisol Diaz (Noyola) Writer & Director

Anike’s character, Marisol Diaz is A mixed Mexican-born homemaker, she is a community baker and the cornerstone of the diverse Diaz family. Marisol finds a depth of voice she never knew she had as she survives detention and stands up for her right to a bond for release.

Anike Tourse is a multimedia maker with accomplishments both in front of, and behind, the scenes. She has written for television series including One Life to Live, and Girlfriends, and is the writer and director of award-winning short film “America; I Too” now in distribution with New Day Films. Anike has penned and performed several solo shows touring her productions across the country as well as for the Edinburgh (Scotland) Fringe Festival; the largest international theater festival in the world, on a national Nigerian tour sponsored by the 7-UP Bottling Company. Anike’s projects in development include the animated short film “Frances the Fish” about the little salmon that could.


Mauricio Mendoza - Jorge Diaz

Jorge is a Salvadoran, self-made man and award-winning chef is the head of the Diaz family. When Jorge finds himself seeking sanctuary among a Jewish community, he comes to appreciate his own culture and history and learns how he can be a spiritual anchor for his family.

Mauricio has been part of four groundbreaking Latino based television shows including being series regular in Sony Tristar's /Telemundo's Angeles for one season and Showtime's Resurrection Blvd., which lasted three years with best actor nominations. His most recent roles include work in La Quinceañera, East Los High, Hacienda Heights, Criminal Minds, The Last Man On Earth, Curb Your Enthusiasm, Larceny with Dolph Lundren, Crave-The Fast Life, Blow and True Form Film's The Internationals, which he also produced.


Ricardo Cisneros – Koke Díaz (Noyola)

Ricardo’s character, Koke is a Malibu surfer and somewhat irresponsible. Koke works as a cook at the five-star catering kitchen under his stepfather Jorge. Once deported he fights with everything he has to return to his family that includes his daughter and her mother Angie. Koke also discovers his ethnicity is much more diverse when he meets his Afro-Mexican family in Mexico.

Ricardo Cisneros was born in San Salvador to Salvadoran parents. He was raised in the US and Canada before moving to Los Angeles where he became an actor and writer, known for There’s a Money Thief (2017), How Could I Forget (2010) and Tolero (2011). Ricardo stars as character ‘Koke’, the eldest brother in the Diaz family, who is unexpectedly deported and must fight his way back to be reunited with his family. Intrigued by human behavior Ricardo explores it through his acting.


Angie Kim – Angie Pak

Angie’s character Angie Pak is a Korean-American citizen. She has a complicated relationship with Koke due to her parents’ disapproval of him. Angie discovers a new level commitment as she joins forces with Koke to raise their daughter together in spite of physical separation.

Angie received her paralegal certificate thinking she would continue in her law track but shortly thereafter quit to pursue acting. Soon thereafter Angie landed the female lead in KTOWN COWBOYS (SXSW, LAAPFF) alongside Ken Jeong, Daniel Dae Kim, and Eric Roberts followed by the lead in an HBO indie short 

called THE LAST SONG alongside seasoned veteran, Ernie Hudson. Angie went on to act in the highly awarded and controversial SPA NIGHT (Sundance) where she continued to hone her craft and dive into different characters. She’s continued to work on great productions – including CHIRLA’s short film “America; I Too” and feature “America’s Family”.


Emmanuel López Alonso – Emiliano Díaz

Emmanuel López Alonso is an actor, known for Blindspot (2015), Russian Doll (2019) and Dick Clark's New Years Rockin' Eve with Ryan Seacrest 2017 (2016).

Emmanuel’s character, Emiliano Diaz aka Milo, is a  first-year associate at a corporate firm. He learns immigration law overnight to save his family from deportation and separation.


Jailene Arias – Valentina Díaz

Jailene Arias is an actress, known for Flip the Script Kids Reality Special (2010), The Good Place (2016) and The Burning Dead (2015). She was featured in the first Know Your Rights film, America; I Too as one of the protagonist's, Manny, sister Maya.

Jailene’s character Valentina Diaz is your typical, social media-obsessed, high schooler. Valentina is differently abled with epilepsy yet her fighting spirit and quest to reunify her family perseveres.


Ryan UrquidiEsperanza

A curious girl named Ryan was born Sept 14, 2013. With a love for words, playing pretend, making up songs, and being a good big sister, she has always managed to capture the imagination of all the children she plays with at school, daycare, or even at the library.  She began studying as an actor 1 year ago and she has a talent for being able to quickly memorize her lines. She is extremely intelligent and fun to work with on and off the set.

Ryan plays Esperanza, the energic five-year-old daughter of Koke and Angie. She is the only grandchild in the Diaz family.